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Revolutionizing the Voucher World with Monizze


Say hello to Monizze - a powerhouse in the world of employee benefits. They offer electronic meal vouchers, eco vouchers, gift vouchers, and sport & culture vouchers all wrapped up in a single, secure card. They’re the Swiss Army knife of employee perks, making it easy and hassle-free for companies to reward their teams.


Monizze has been expanding into new territories, navigating the ever-changing landscape of regulations. As they grow, they need top-tier tech talent to keep pace. That’s where we come in. Looming Tech has stepped up to the plate, providing skilled engineers to fit seamlessly into Monizze’s structure and strategy. We’ve scaled up to hit tight deadlines and stayed flexible, moving engineers around or off projects as needed.

The Tech Backdrop

Here’s the arsenal we employed to power Monizze’s platform:

  • PHP

  • Laravel

  • MySQL

  • Vue.js

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • Redis

The team

Bringing this vision to life required an all-star cast:

  • Account Manager

  • Senior Full Stack Engineers

  • Backend Engineers

  • Frontend Developers

What we accomplished together

Our journey with Monizze has been about bringing the right talent at the right time. We've provided skilled engineers who aligned perfectly with Monizze’s goals. We've scaled up for crunch times and adjusted flexibly, ensuring projects were completed with flair and precision.

How we rolled

Over the years, our tech wizards have taken on senior roles in various Monizze products and projects. With Monizze operating across multiple countries, our approach emphasized in-depth product knowledge. We achieved this by spending weeks onsite, working closely with Monizze’s teams in a collaborative and immersive manner. This teamwork enabled smooth transitions between projects and consistent, successful outcomes.

Business impact

One standout achievement was creating a centralized project for managing merchant data. This connects to an external payment and onboarding service known as Smartvista. Now, Monizze’s staff—from Customer Care to Sales—can onboard merchants, change data, and manage terminals all from one centralized location. Previously, tasks like changing an address or adding a terminal required navigating the complex screens of Smartvista. We simplified that process, revolutionizing their operations.

In our client's words

“Looming Tech is a trusted partner for Monizze for deliver highly skilled front- end and back-end (and full-stack) software engineers, which are able to deliver projects end-to-end or can be well integrated in existing scrum teams.“

-          CTO at Monizze

Join the adventure

Ready to transform your project with innovation and expertise? Get in touch with us at and let’s make magic happen!

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