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Company culture

Our office culture

We believe in giving team members the freedom to choose whether they want to work in our physical offices or from another location per their convenience.


This is the Looming “hybrid office” approach. When on our official premises, employees can bring their pets who quickly become friends with everyone around. We also enjoy an incredible rooftop cafe with delicious drinks and breathtaking views.


Office days in the mountains

Because green is our color.
As much as we enjoy being at our incredible office in Puzl Coworking, we like switching it up by heading to the mountains for work days outside of the city. This is a way for us to not only connect with each other in real-life environment, but to also connect with environment itself.

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LT work & Retreat weeks

We know that no matter where our teams are based, keeping them connected is key. Every quarter we “move” our office to a location dependent on the weather season. In spring, for example, we went to the town of Elena ( in the central Balkan mountains), where we unplugged for a full week to recharge, laugh, camp and explore. These activities spurred high creativity and unprecedented productivity and motivation among all team members.


They also helped us create unforgettable memories through great team-building experiences. Our summer edition will take place in the town of Balchik on the north coast of the Black Sea. Post-pandemic realities require people and work-life relationships to change and we love providing our teams with happy places where we can physically and mentally recharge our daily lives.

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ShareIT is a campaign born out of our deep belief that the future of any community is based on collaboration, exchange and dialogue. Events are organized with the utter support of Puzl Coworking and take place at BarTer once a month. The format is 7 presentations by 7 minutes followed by networking and discussions focused on IT industry specific topics.


Tree-planting event 


In 2021 colleagues at Looming.Tech expressed a wish to get involved in one of the nearby tree-planting initiatives.


After some research we discovered the team at Gorata and set a date where we could spend a full down in the wilds - planting multiple trees - trees that are chosen specifically for the area in Bulgaria where they are native. Thank you to Elena for pushing this project. We will be arranging future sessions.


We are thankful for having the opportunity to plant trees 🌳 initiative organized by


In the Roma neighbourhood 

We believe in the unique individuality and inherent potential of every human being and we strive to not only create work environment where this belief can be manifested, but also lead by example. In one of our latest initiatives, in collaboration with the US Alumni Club in Bulgaria and Caritas International, our Director of Operations - Iva Iordanova, went into the Roma neighbourhood of Sofia to spend time teaching children latin dance.


The day ended up being a time of joy, music, movement and everyone sharing what they wanted to be when they grew up. We are inspired to support these children on a more regular basis and helping them achieve their dreams.


How To Live In Bali As A Digital Nomad


A helpful guide by our Software Developer, proud Loominoe and a born adventurer Dimitar Petrov who’s spent 2 months living in Bali.



Why Bali?

So you’re thinking about living in Bali as a digital nomad? Good call. The Island is a top digital nomad travel destination!

Due to some unexpected, major changes in my life, together with a bit of a work burnout at the beginning of the year, I was not in a very good position mentally, so then you realize that you have to change something in my life.

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A gratitude walk with Peter 

This is a story of how I became a dedicated brisk walker

I would like to dedicate this little article to all the people who do not like the look in the mirror and want to do something about it. Been there, done that - I feel you! Let’s go! 

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