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Stefan and David started Looming. Tech almost 7 years ago. Everything
that has been built has been built as "friends first".

This company with this name may be more recent but the values of our
mission were set at the beginning and they haven't changed.

Over the last months we are going to sit around the campfire and
walk up the mountain trails and begin a new journey formulating the
joined-up values of the Looming.Tech team. This won't be a Citizen
Kane manifesto - it's "everyone in".

Over time we will formulate our own GitLab-esque approach and share
with you our core values and how we come together "with passionate
frequency" to ensure that we live them and pivot when we need to.

Already in our short journey we have brought our team together in the
mountains, countryside and by the Black Sea. We have discussed prior,
during and post about our impact on the environments that we have met
in. We have forged relationships with impact teachers, bee-keepers and
revolutionaries. We haven't shied away from the more complex subjects
of mental health on the pandemic hit young workforce and the refugee
crisis sweeping through this and neighbouring countries.







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We hold that technology is a way to help solve problems and we value that Looming is a home for ideas and solutions that can improve our lives and those of our friends and community. As such we always ensure that over one third of the projects that we work on are highlighted to all as "non profit". If we can work collaboratively to make any profit from the release of the App/Product then those profits will be ear-marked for redistribution to our partners and future investment in tech projects.


We thank everyone who has shown themselves to share our values and who support us with or without there being a project on the go. Typically we start as friends but either way we must be friends otherwise the journey won't end well.


If you are keen to be part of our journey then contact us on



David Bone

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