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We crave for tech ownership

With years of experience in helping customers shape their ideas into sound business propositions and then delivering the technology behind it, we realised that in order for us to be truly successful and deliver in the most efficient way to our customers we need to have skin in the game.

Skin in the game is of course an old concept, quite well endorsed by the Roman civilisation where they judged the weight of a person’s word not against an abstract standard of truth but how much was risked in speaking.

We at Looming Tech, as a collective, believe that we shall be supporting our customers in good and bad times, taking full responsibility for mistakes and inefficiencies of the products we build. We do not want to be hired as an extra pair of coding hands.

Why do we think this plan will work out? It is simple - We believe we are pretty good! Our engineers are world class problem solvers and they know how to shape the best solution optimised for the products we build business goals.

Pre-MVP product ideas and startups

We have done this multiple times now and we are confident we can help entrepreneurs who are just starting up, have an idea literally “on a napkin”, want to spend a few bucks to test it out with potential customers on the market and want us to build them a product MVP.

It is important to mention that we do not believe in MVP as methodology anymore, as it was quite heavily “abused” by bigger companies basically making it “first release” and not focused on what is really important at that stage - test your riskiest assumptions.

Four things we do beautifully good at this stage:

Focus the team on the right product goals from the very beginning till the very “end”of the project.

Support customers with right level of coaching on what is best to come next in terms of product development.

Take on financial skin in the game, accepting equity or revenue share to optimise their costs in the very beginning of the life of their startup.

Organise a team of very strong product, agile and engineering experts who can start delivering within days. Giving entrepreneurs access to part time experts in niche areas/skillsets like AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, B2B architecture, etc.

Post-MVP and scaleups

In multiple occasions we have had customers who already had their idea tested and an MVP built or even have had their first release of the product but are either struggling with scaling their product/engineering teams up or wanting a trusted partner to deep dive into what they have, take over parts of it and address technical debt and position the product for further growth.

We are great in 3 things in this stage:

Review your product and the way it was built: does it have a scalable and cost
efficient architecture, was it built with best security practices in place, does it
employ the best tech stack, would it handle the functional and non-functional
requirements of the business going forward?

Build a team of engineers to continue the development of your product.

Provide flexibility and access to resources with skills who are not core to your
business: AI, ML, Big data, UX, CMS systems, external integrations or even your company website. Depends on what your core business is.

Innovation, Digital transformation and New products

We have been quite successful in helping established companies to innovate and either build digital products to penetrate new markets or helping them completely digitalise their

We are truly good in 3 things for companies like that:

Working with startups thought us to understand new product development and what it takes to create something from the ground up.

We have excellent product and engineering teams who will not only build what you asked them to but will guide you through the whole requirements/discovery process and make sure your organisation adopts the world's best practices.

Maintenance and continuous improvement and support could be tricky especially if you don’t have the technical expertise for it. Our teams will never leave you alone after the project has been completed - they will be around making sure it is always up, with proper support and it addresses the goals of your business. We put our name on it and we will own till it is in production.

Engagement Models


We offer few different engagement models which are influenced by our customers' needs and suitable for different stages of your IT projects needs

Dedicated team

You will have a full team of engineers, typically of size between 4 and 7, fully managed by us, who are delivering towards your guidance. Usually customers prefer to have appointed tech lead and a PM on our end who take care of the day to day tasks and focus your product and delivery organisation on road map and direction set. Commercials are monthly billing on time and material basis.

Teams augmentation

Our engineers will become part of your IT organisation joining already existing teams and departments where your employees should take care of day to day management, like code reviews, user stories definition, planning, demoes, underperformance, etc. Commercials are monthly billing on time and material basis.

Project based

Our teams will deliver end to end solutions independently where success is measured by end result. We will take care of the whole delivery from direction set to execution of a fixed or varying scope. Commercials vary but are either fixed budget billed at the end of the project or split into monthly or milestone payments

Niche skills acquisition

Access to part time people or people with niche skills on completely ad-hoc basis with short notice and no long term commitment. Such people may be UX/UI specialists for a specific task, Part time CTO, Software architect or a Cyber Security expert.

This is very useful when you either don't have the budget for a full time person or the skills are required for a short term period. Commercials are simple time and material billed monthly.

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