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AgriTech: Can an app help save the planet?


Our client, BX Earth, is a forward-thinking UK-based AgriTech startup with a noble mission: to facilitate climate-friendly farming practices. As the growing season approached, they needed a groundbreaking app to be ready to roll. Enter Looming Tech to make it happen.


BX Earth needed a ready-to-launch MVP with zero compromise on quality, all within a tight deadline. This wasn't just about getting a basic version out—it had to hit the ground running, fully polished and ready for its first release.

Adding to the complexity, BX Earth had a dynamic team led by a passionate CEO, a savvy business lead, and a group of eager junior developers. Our mission was not only to integrate our senior team seamlessly but also to mentor and guide the juniors, instilling best practices across the board.

The Tech Backdrop

We tapped into some of the best tools out there:

  • React Native for building the app.

  • Firebase for backend services.

  • Redux for state management.

  • TypeScript for clean, reliable code.

  • Fastlane to streamline deployment.

The team

Our squad for this mission included:

  • A strategic Project Manager.

  • Talented Front End Developers.

How we rolled

  • Our journey started with a thorough Initial Assessment. We identified the required developer skills and established a model where our senior team mentored the client's junior developers, encouraging them to adopt the best practices. This collaborative effort helped bridge the gap between experience and enthusiasm.

  • To ensure we stayed on track, we devised a Contingency Plan. We prioritized must-have features for the MVP and provided guidance on running effective scrum and planning sessions. Regular weekly meetings with key stakeholders kept us focused and aligned with the tight timelines.


Our results were nothing short of amazing:

We delivered a high-quality, ready-to-launch MVP within the tight deadlines, ensuring the app was in the hands of pilot clients right before the start of the growing season. The streamlined communication and scrum processes we implemented boosted the efficiency of the junior dev team, enhancing overall project management.

Ready to dig In together?

Do you have a groundbreaking idea that needs expert execution and a seamless team integration? Reach out to us at and let’s plant the seeds of innovation together!

Thanks for joining us on this green tech adventure! Together, we can cultivate a better future. 🌱

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