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Monizze Dealzz 1.0

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Working with startups building MVPs helped our team acquire one important skill: keep focus on the key features of the product to deliver. While becoming better and better in making "raw" ideas happen we realised that we can transfer these skills to the more "established" business world and help companies with market share to introduce new digital products and transform their existing processes.

A great example of that is the new platform of Monizze: Monizze Dealzz ( The purpose of Dealzz is to offer users a new means of spending their Monizze vouchers (online) while at the same time taking advantage of great promotions. Thanks to the collaboration with Looming.Tech, we trust this new platform will provide Monizzers with even more ways to increase their purchasing power.

Looming Tech team have had full ownership of all technology aspects of the platform from having to develop the mobile first front end in VueJS, HTML, CSS; through designing and building the backend REST API with Laravel and PHP to deploying it and doing the Devops in production with AWS and Kubernetes.

Get in touch with us to learn more:

Learn more about Monizze Dealzz and what it can offer your employees:

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