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Creating vital modules for an innovative shopping platform


Our client is already a juggernaut in the eCommerce world, loaded with top-tier senior developers across multiple streams. But with big ambitions to drive forward with new products, they needed some critical staff augmentation. That’s where Looming Tech stepped in, presenting stellar candidates who not only had the tech know-how but also a deep understanding of the sector.


The client needed a full-stack team proficient in both Python and JavaScript, with a knack for data. The real kicker? Handling vast amounts of data to inform and shape the features we were developing. Every solution had to be data-driven, precise, and efficient.

The Tech Backdrop

To tackle this challenge, we leaned on:

  • Python

  • React Native

The team

The client stakeholders collaborated closely with our team, comprising:

  • Full Stack Developers

  • QA Automation Experts

What we accomplished together

Our collaborative efforts led to some serious tech magic:

We integrated AI into the product, leveraging image search and text-to-image models. These enhancements weren't just bells and whistles—they now serve millions of users daily. Robust, high-performing, and rigorously tested, our solutions have become an integral part of the platform.

How we rolled

We kept our game tight with a focus on testing and analytics:

  • First off, Testing was crucial. During eCommerce's busiest periods, like Black Friday, every update had to endure rigorous testing, complete with performance monitoring to make real-time adjustments.

  • We also implemented a Specific In-House A/B Testing Approach. All initiatives were A/B tested and analyzed using a rich set of analytics. Working with in-house tools and an analytics platform pipelined into AWS data lakes, we ensured precision and reliability.

Business impact

Our contribution was substantial and transformative: We became an integral part of the client's technical SEO infrastructure, maintaining and evolving the SEO tools and services that drive a significant portion of the company’s revenue. Time after time, the client highlighted our positive impact on their organic channel, with 'impressive' numbers being the standard reference.

In our client's words

“All the developers that I have worked with from your agency have been a really good match, not only in their abilities but also fitting into our unique culture.“

-          CTO

Ready to Innovate Together?

Are you set to elevate your project with top-notch expertise and innovation? Get in touch with us at and let's create something phenomenal!

Thanks for joining us on this tech journey! Together, let's keep pushing the envelope. 🚀

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