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An app for easy financial solutions

Updated: Jul 4


Our client is a trailblazer in European digital issuing solutions, is renowned for its comprehensive offerings in both the B2B and B2C sectors. With an impressive track record in delivering top-tier digital payment products, They cater to a wide range of customers across Europe.

The beginning

Our journey with Crosscard began with the essential task of maintaining their existing web platform along with their suite of products, which includes Expense, Purchase, Assistance, Payout, and Reward. Additionally, we were entrusted with four mobile apps: two focused on banking and two on verification.

The new project

When Crosscard envisioned Paydora, a revolutionary multi-tenant banking platform, they turned to Looming Tech for assistance. Paydora aims to empower tenants with the tools to create both physical and virtual cards, facilitate transactions, and meticulously track their expenses. Naturally, we were excited to bring this vision to life.

The Tech backdrop

To build Paydora, we utilized cutting-edge technology:

  • Frontend: React with MUI, Tanstack Query, and Recoil.

  • Backend: NestJS, PostgreSQL, and PrismaORM.

  • Hosting: Google Cloud.

The team

To accomplish our mission, we brought together our dream team:

  • A savvy Backend Developer

  • Two creative full-stack Frontend Developers

What we accomplished together

The collaboration led to a smoothly running all-in-one platform for creating virtual and physical cards and managing finances. Key highlights include:

  • Guaranteed Speed: Ensuring quick, efficient transactions.

  • Convenience and Safety: Providing users with a seamless and secure experience.

  • Long-term Partnership: Continuous support from our expert team.

Let's Get Creative Together!

Want to see your project come to life with the same energy and innovation? Connect with us at, and together, we'll craft something truly exceptional!

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